Offering over 32 years of professional experience with the native flora and fauna of California and an understanding of the regulatory framework for balancing the preservation of sensitive species with the diverse needs of a growing human population.

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...Summer 2017

​Summer time and the rainy season is becoming a fuzzy memory. Really fuzzy! I have cottonwood and willow seeds stuck to everything in my nursery and yard.  That means it wont be long before seed from hundreds of native species will be ready for collection and processing. Do you need to have plants grown for restoration or mitigation projects? Don't wait till the fall, make your arrangements now. 
Please contact me for whatever local Biological or Native horticultural needs you have. Native gardeners in The Monterey, Carmel Valley and Salinas areas, I grow over 150 different Native cultivars and species in small batches for home and school gardens. Look for my current list on the News page and email me with questions or requests. 

Pat Regan

Amorpha californica - California false indigo host plant for the California dogface butterfly.