Offering over 34 years of professional experience with the native flora and fauna of California and an understanding of the regulatory framework for balancing the preservation of sensitive species with the diverse needs of a growing human population.

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For everything there is a season. This is the season for: A time to plant and a time to sow
A time to plan for spring surveys and projects
A time to look back with thankfulness for the past year.​
Thank you for a great year. cheers to 2019

California Native Plant Week runs from April 13 to April 21. Get involved!
Check out the 58th annual CNPS wildflower show at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History on April 19, 20 and 21, for the best living field guide to Monterey County flowering plants.
MEarth - Hilton Bialek Biological Sciences project will have its 7th annual MEarth Day celebration on April 27th with a special sale of California native wildflowers, perennials and shrubs. 

Pat Regan

Amorpha californica - California false indigo host plant for the California dogface butterfly.