Offering over 35 years of professional experience with the native flora and fauna of California and an understanding of the regulatory framework for balancing the preservation of sensitive species with the diverse needs of a growing human population.

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Welcome to Regan Biological and Horticultural Consulting.

For everything there is a season. Spring is the best time for the most accurate biological assessments of a project site. book now to avoid problems later.
for the home gardener it is the best time to see what is working and not working in your yard or another garden, or in the wild. use the information to select and add new plants or prepare a full plan for replanting this coming fall. 
The Regan Biological and Horticultural nursery can help with filling in holes or putting together a full order of new plants. Contract growing for landscape or restoration is also available.

Pat Regan

Amorpha californica - California false indigo host plant for the California dogface butterfly.
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