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City, County and State CEQA and NEPA compliance assistance 
Pre-development Biological site assessments
Botanical surveys 
Wetland assessment 
Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species monitoring 
Mitigation and Restoration planning
Habitat conservation plans

Native Plant and general horticultural expertise
Native seed collection, cleaning and preparation.
Specialty plant growing contracts 
Native plant garden coaching
Hedgerow design and consulting 
Rain garden consulting 
Personalized garden identification tours and custom Field guides

Rates - Please call or e-mail for a specific estimate

In a high tech world of increased specialization and regulation and disconnect from the natural world, it is valuable to work with someone that understands, not only the regulatory framwork but the ecological one as well. I strive to educate and enlighten while walking you through the maze of permitting or preparing your assessment. You will get more than just a report or a permit or a plan; you will gain a new perspective on what are protecting, trying to conserve or striving to grow!

In the business of Life!

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Double click here to aRBHC nursery plant availability 2/17Common namesize#Price $
Aesculus californicusCalifornia buckeye1g109
Aquilegia formosa*Western columbine1g10
Arctostaphylos crustaceabrittle leaf manzanita1g1011
Arctostaphylos edmundsiiLittle sur manzanita1g1410
Aristolochia californicaCalifornia pipevine1g1512dormant
Artemisia californica 'Canyon Gray'prostrate sagebrush1g610
Artemisia pycnocephala 'David's choice'Beach sagewort1g1010
Asclepias fascicularisnarrow leaved milkweed1g1510dormant
Asclepias speciosashowy milkweed1g1511dormant
Berberis pinnata 'Ken Hartman'Coast barberry1g711
Clematis lasianthaChaparral clematis1g111
Cornus sericea ssp. occidentalisRed-twig dogwood5 gall324
Dryopteris argutaCoast wood fern1g514
Dudleya caespitosaCoast live forever3.5"164.5
Epilobium canum ssp latifolium 'Everetts choice'Everetts choice California fuchsia1g810
Eriogonum giganteumSaint Catherines lace1g710
Eriogonum parvifoliumbluff buckwheat1g1010light
Eriophyllum lanatum 'siskiyou'wooly daisy1g1010
Garrya elliptica (local seed grown)Coast silk tassel1g1611
Grindelia stricta ssp platyphyllaCoast gum plant1g1410
Heuchera 'Genevieve'Genevieve alum root1g1210
Heuchera hirsutissimaShaggy haired alum root1g410
Heuchera maximaIsland alum root1g410
Heuchera micranthasmall flowered alum root1g710
Heuchera 'Old la Rochette"Old la Rochette alum root1g1210
Heuchera 'Rosada'Rosada coral bell1g210
Heuchera 'Wendy'Wendy hybrid coral bell1g1010
Holodiscus discolorCrème bush1g210
Iris douglasiana (local seed grown)Douglas's iris1g2410
Keckiella cordifoliaClimbing penstemon1g1010
Lepechinia calycina 'Rocky point'pitcher sage1g1210
Lepechinia fragrans fragrant picher sage1g1011
Lepechinia fragrans " El Tigre'el tigre pitcher sage1g811
Mimulus aurantiacus 'Jelly bean Gold'Gold sticky monkeyflower1g49
Mimulus aurantiacus 'Lelly bean lemon'Yellow sticky monkeyflower1g59
Mimulus aurantiacus 'Jelly bean orange;Orange sticky monkeyflower1g89
Mimulus bifidus Santa Lucia monkeyflower1g1210
Monardella antonina ssp antoninaSan Antonio monardella1g810
Monardella macranthaLarge flowered monardella1g510
Monardella villosa 'Russian river'Coyote mint1g1210
Penstemon heterophyllus 'Blue spring''Blue Spring penstemon1 g1010
Penstemon heterophyllus 'Catherine de la Mare'Cdlm foothill penstemon1g1010
Penstemon heterophyllus 'Margarita BOP'Margarita BOP foothill penstemon1g210
Polystichum munitumWestern sword fern1g1112
Rhamnus californica(local seed grown)California coffee berry1g910
Rhamnus californica(local seed grown)California coffee berry 5g525
Ribes aureum gracillimumGolden currant1g310
Ribes californicumhillside gooseberry1g510
Ribes malvaceum 'Dancing tassels'Dancing tassels chaparral currant1g410
Ribes malvaceum 'Dancing tassels'Dancing tassels chaparral currant5g625
Salvia apiana White sage1g1010
Salvia 'Baja blue'hybrid sage1g410
Salvia brandegei 'Pacific Blue'Pacific blue brandegees sage1g610
Salvia brandegei Seaside green team corner gardenprostrate brandegees sage1g810
Salvia clevelandii 'Winifred Gilman'Winifred Gilman cleveland sage1g510
Salvia 'Dara's choice' f2second gen Dara's choice sage1g810
Salvia mellifera 'Black sage1g310
Salvia mellifera 'Tera Seca'prostrate black sage1g510
Salvia sonomensis 'Pine Canyon'Creeping sage1g1512
Salvia spathaceahummingbird sage1g2010
Salvia spathacea 'Avis Keedy'Yellow flowered hummingbird sage1g412
Salvia spathacea 'Powerline pink'Powerline pink hummingbird sage1g412
Salvia x 'Mrs. Beard'hybrid creeping sage1g510
Salvia x 'Bee's bliss'hybrid creeping sage1g810
Salvia x 'Celestial Blue'Celestial blue sage1g312
Salvia x 'Desperado'Desperado sage1g611
Salvia x 'Gayle Nielsen'3 way hybrid sage1g310
Salvia x 'Whirly blue'hybrid clevelands sage1g610
Satureja douglasianaYerba buena1g1010
Sedum spathulifolium Pacific stone crop3.5" square64
Solanum umbelliferumBlue Witch1g810
Solidago confinis southern goldenrod2g418
Solidago spathulataDune goldenrod1g1010
Solidago velutina ssp californicaCalifornia goldenrod1g410
Symphoricarpos albus var. laevigatusSnowberry1g410
Trichostema lanatum Wooly blue curls1g2012
Triteleia laxa Ithuriels spear1g1810
Umbellularia californica(S.O.D free)California Bay laurel1g68
Verbena lilacinaLilac verbena1g1010

Many more coming spring 2017
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