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City, County and State CEQA and NEPA compliance assistance 
Pre-development Biological site assessments
Stream Alteration agreements
Botanical surveys
Wetland assessment 
Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species monitoring 
Mitigation and Restoration planning
Habitat conservation plans

Native Plant and general horticultural expertise
Native seed collection, cleaning and preparation.
Specialty plant growing contracts 
Native plant garden coaching
Hedgerow design and consulting 
Rain garden consulting 
Personalized garden identification tours and custom Field guides
Small specialty nursery of local species and great horticultural selections​

Rates - Please call or e-mail for a specific estimate

In a high tech world of increased specialization and regulation and disconnect from the natural world, it is valuable to work with someone that understands, not only the regulatory framwork but the ecological one as well. I strive to educate and enlighten while walking you through the maze of permitting or preparing your assessment. You will get more than just a report or a permit or a plan; you will gain a new perspective on what are protecting, trying to conserve or striving to grow!

In the business of Life!

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